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The Art of Photography

Photography is equal parts art and physics.  To be a great photographer, you must master your understanding of both.

Whether it's posing, lighting, gear, software, editing techniques, or workflow, let us help you create images that wow your clients.

The Business of Photography

You can be an amazing photographer and struggle to make ends meet.  Fortunately, there's a system for success.

Let us give you the tools you need to grow your business, increase your profits, and never feel like a starving artist again.

Boudoir Insight

Boudoir Insight is dedicated to working solely with boudoir photographers and helping you take your business to the next level.  Access all the tools that Lori has created that added over 6 figures to our business in boudoir sales alone!

4 Simple Steps to Gaining Insight?

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If you're curious if mentoring is right for you, contact us for a complementary 15 minute discovery call.


Visit our mentoring page and choose a plan that's right for you. Half day, full day, or two day!


Once you sign up, we'll plan to meet either in person or via zoom depending on the nature of your mentorship


During your mentorship, we'll build a custom growth plan to help you streamline and scale your business.

So the question is...

Are You Ready to Succeed?

You’ve decided to take on this crazy passionate dream of making a living with your art. You could do things the hard and slow way, learning through trial and error.  You could take years to reach success… or you could follow the blueprints of success laid out by photographers who have been there. 

Are you ready to kick some ass?


What People are Saying

"Working with Jeff and Lori was a complete joy. Although I have been in business for over 10 years and have a good grasp on my numbers, having another team go through everything was priceless. We worked through several pricing blocks and streamlined my pricing. It's so important to continuously re-evaluate your business no matter how long you've been at it"

Lori Dunbar

Fresh Snapped Photos

"Jeff and Lori are absolutely incredible. They assisted me in completely turning my business around and making it profitable. They will give you the goals and tools you need to succeed. They truly have a passion for helping photographers become more successful and profitable business owners. Mentoring with Jeff and Lori was one of the best decisions I've made."

Andrew Klosterman

Andrew Joseph Photography

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